exposed zipper bag

What you will need

  • home decor tapestry material. easy to sew
  • but don't recommend as the "thickness" added to batting and liner make it a challenge for your serger...more chance of "clunking" over zipper. TIP: before clipping corners inside bag
  • turn right side out and make sure your seams are good. I missed one piece and couldn't fix it after cutting corners. TIP: careful once you cut surplus zipper off as there is now no stop to your zipper pull....once you pull it off
  • you must remove more teeth to get it back on!

Q&A with rowoman

Amy Alan asked:
Aww- the cow is sad about the bag seam. I'm sorry that it didn't catch in your machine. Cute fabric though! Perhaps some inventive decorative stitching could cover it up?
rowoman answered:
made a second one and it came out perfect, even the cows cooperated.