Duct taped dress form

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I actually took the time to make something for myself and got my daughter to help me. It was fun. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Get some help, and a few glasses of wine would not hurt. But be careful as there is no potty time until you are finished. Go before you start.

What you will need

  • an old t-shirt and duct tape. I believe several rolls of duct tape. My husband made a stand for it. We used small pieces of styro-foam to stuff the shell with. I believe there is a coat hanger it this form. My husband used some of that spray sealant for windows and doors at the bottom and top of the form. It keeps everything inside quite good. I had found a program on the internet to show me how to make my dress form.

Q&A with Davesmom

sistertammie asked:
amazing. I bet it is easy now to make a shirt or something for yourself now.
Davesmom answered:
fluf asked:
Did you use paper tape? Please let us know if you find the form helpful in sewing your top. I think Barbara is so clear in her explanations. She's a charm to listen to. Do you agree?
Davesmom answered:
It has been several years since I made my form. I do have some of the paper tape I am sure I bought it for the project. But I do remember sending my husband out to buy duct tape. I think the paper was giving us grief. My daughter liked the duct tape better. I most likely have paper and then duct tape on it. I have not gotten my pattern yet, so will have to wait and see. I have never used my dress form for making an outfit. My husband will be pleased when I do use it. I really enjoyed Barbara telling us what looks good and what doesn't an a plus size figure. Her information looks like it will make a big difference in how well the pattern will fit. I am looking forward to getting started. Are you going to make a dress form?
Lynne O asked:
That's great! Bet it will come in really useful.
Davesmom answered:
Are you making a form? I am hoping it will work good for me.
Arleenie asked:
What did you fill it with? I made one years ago and had trouble using it because it was never "true to shape".
Davesmom answered:
I haven't measured it yet. But my plan is to use quilt batting. 80% cotton 20% ploy soft and natural, it's about 14 inch thick. Love to see your form, will you post it?
medmunds@indra.com asked:
Arleenie, I'm going to try filling mine with a can of low-expansion insulating foam from the home despot.
Davesmom answered:
I would recommend small styro-foam for packing and doing the arms, neck and bottom with the low expansion insulating foam.

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