Dressmakers dummy reformation

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I did a pretty good job What advice would you give someone starting this project? take your time and keep measuring. It can be frustrating. Oh yea. If you use baggies full of rice watch your fingernails LOL

What you will need

  • pre-owned dressmaker dummy quilt batting an old bra and rice and bathing suit material for cover.

Q&A with Bunnyca1

Davesmom asked:
Love your animal fabric. Your double is looking pretty professional. Looks like you love to sew (judging by the selection of thread in the picture.
Bunnyca1 answered:
I love to sew, but have trouble with fitting so hoping I will learn that in this class.
Barbara Deckert asked:
Doesn't rice work great!? Great job!
Bunnyca1 answered:
thanks Barbara. Had this dummy for a few years and she's never been much help, but I think she will be now. Thanks to your instructions.
Bail77 asked:
Love the wild side .
Bunnyca1 answered:
thanks Bail77. I think fitting projects on it might be easier to see with a calmer fabric, but live and learn. At least I use it now that it looks like my body. :)
Akapplelady asked:
Now I can go to thrift shops and yard sales, with my husband who loves them, without whining as I seek a cheap dress form! :o)
Bunnyca1 answered:
Great idea. Good luck in your search.

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