Dress forms x2

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Just like each of us, our forms are unique from the shapes to the designs. I love that about them. I also love that we created a piece of "art" from our forms. What advice would you give someone starting this project? We did do the forms with the paper tape as suggested in the class. I wore mine for 3 hours before cutting it off in part because my teenage daughter taped me up. There are a few oddities in mine around the arms, but overall, it turned out well. When we did my friend's form, there were 2 of us taping her up. Because of that she didn't wear the form nearly as long and while we dried it with the hairdryer, it was a little damper than we would have liked. We hung it on a hanger to dry and initially the shoulders were a little more "hanger" shaped. Once we put hers onto an old dress form, her paper tape one seemed to balance out. I think the drying is very important.

Q&A with Madame M

Aromagal1 asked:
Love them all decorated! First class effort and fantastic reward of "art" body doubles. Well done.
Madame M answered:
Thanks. We are excited to continue with making our shirts!
DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Fabulous! I love your idea of making an "art form" - hope you don't mind if I give it a try!
Madame M answered:
Thank you and by all means go for it. :-)
Barbara Deckert asked:
These are FABULOUS. I think they could occupy any art gallery anywhere. Thanks so much for sharing your incredible work!
Madame M answered:
Gosh - thanks! You had us make the forms - we just had to make them pretty! :-) They are still a "work in progress", but I love looking at them! Can't wait to make my daughter's form too! She can't wait to decorate hers!
bbsharp7 asked:
Looks fun! I always wanted to make clothes that fit me, but I did't have anyone to fit the pattern to me. Maybe I will try this class and see how easy it is to do. Thank you, Craftsy! Barbara
Madame M answered:
That is why we created our own dress forms as part of the class. It was fun to do - a group of us got together to do it. We still have 2 more to do, but needed more paper tape!

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