Dream doll

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What was your inspiration? ...found them on the internet in a Blog I can't remember... :(

Q&A with lostie

UKdiane asked:
So how do we get the details/instructions for this project please?
lostie answered:
:) Finally found the site for these dolls!!! No pattern, but amazing work!!! http://leska-prohobby.blogspot.com.br/search?updated-max=2012-09-23T11:36:00%2B04:00&max-results=3
Ipanema asked:
Your dolls are precious. I love their whimsical expressions and their adorable little outfits. They are skillfully crafted and your love for each of them shows in their charming, expressive faces.
lostie answered:
Ipanema, they are not my dolls, but I promise that, after Carnival, I'll work on a pattern for similar ones !!