DIY Custom Dress Form

Project Description

What are you most proud of? So excited that I was able to find an IV pole at a thrift shop so my husband made my stand adjustable! I also didn't have to pay $800+ for a custom form. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is not for the faint of heart. A lot of planning and prep ahead of time. I had my heart set on a custom form and I didn't want a duct tape form that would make my pins sticky. The foam is pinnable. It's great! Find someone who is willing to help you.

What you will need

  • Plaster bandages
  • polyurethane foam
  • bandage scissors
  • Johnson Paste Wax
  • Poly-ease 2300
  • pins
  • rib knit
  • ribbon
  • IV stand

Q&A with sewnotwork

Linda74Sews asked:
I am impressed! I was planning to make a duct tape form but this looks like the real thing.
sewnotwork answered:
Thank you! I am so happy with my form. Go to my blog and see how it was done if you would like to make one yourself.
Nikkibaba asked:
You have done such a good jub indeed and your dress fits you real nice. I made one of this dress forms a few years. Ago. now I am much bigger ,can I do something to it ,or do I have to make it all over again?
sewnotwork answered:
You can pad up your dressform with batting or use the Fabulous Fit System padding and then recover the form and should be good to go!
In Iceland asked:
I have a dress form but really have no idea how to use it. I have looked on the internet and not found any information. Any ideas? Thanks so much! Nancy
sewnotwork answered:
Nancy, It depends on if the dress form matches your measurements. Is it adjustable to match your measurements? Also is the dress form waist in the same position as your waist? I use my dress form to tissue fit initally to see if the waist is in the right place. Since I am petite I find I usually have to raise it. I can tell when the neckline gape in the back or front, or if the shoulders are going to be too wide. After I make a muslin, based on those observations, I place the dress for on the muslin to check fit, then I fine tune by wearing it. For me it is much easier fitting to my dress form instead of trying to wear it and then fit it in the mirror. My form is exactly me though.
cheriberi asked:
Where is you blog with more information on how to do this? I tried looking up www.mytwindressforms.com but couldn't get anything. Thanks!
sewnotwork answered:
It was my first blog entry on sewnotwork.wordpress.com Good luck!