Denim dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The collar! I made a collar out of paper and played with a design. I used a reverse facing technique and tacked the collar from inside the dress. With this pattern, I can add a yoke, change collars, change sleeves, and if you have any other ideas for changes, just let me know!!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? This mater pattern A line dress is not difficult since it is not lined. It took about a day to make. Even though it is simple, pay attention to details--matching seams, tacking, and seam finishes. Taking the course was the best thing I ever did for my sewing skills and sewing confidence.

What you will need

  • The master pattern from the coutour class

Q&A with teddypup-Pam

evie1203 asked:
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thanks. I live in blue jeans and the brown dress I made for this course was the only dress in my closet. Now I have two dresses and I think I will be wearing this one a lot. Every bit of encouragement is wonderful. Thanks so much.
BrittaJ asked:
A great design, congratulations. You have a future of lots of lovely designing and dresses ahead of you, good luck with them all!
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thank you so much. I really liked the dress that you are/were working on. Those long sleeves intrigued me. Again, encouragement is so helpful.
hansity asked:
I like the collar!
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thank you so much. If you or anyone else has any ideas on how to change this basic A line pattern with embellishments I am all ears! The only ideas I have so far are to put in a front yoke and to put in a fake placard to make it look like it buttons. I bought a copy of TREADS magazine today and I feel like I'm in nursery school learning. So, ideas anyone????
Ms. BB asked:
Your dress is so pretty and well-made. Great job with the collar! Making the dress in a print will look very different from the solid. You could also play with the sleeves and try a long sleeve for a winter dress or a 3/4 sleeve for any kind of weather.
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thank you for the ideas. A print sounds like a good idea.

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