Deb's Jean-i-us jeans

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Sorry for the bad photos, the fabric is chocolate brown and the stitching is black so it is hard to see. I most enjoyed copying the topstitching details from my original pair. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't skip any of the steps. View the whole project before you commence, because ready-to-wear construction methods are very different from normal sewing methods, and are often done in a different order to what we are accustomed. Fit, fit and fit. Measure, measure. Be as accurate as you can, it will pay off. You will learn so much from this!!! I did!!!

What you will need

  • Polyester stretch drill fabric
  • polyester thread
  • pins
  • tracing wheel
  • dressmakers carbon paper
  • silk organza
  • sewing machine

Q&A with Deb and Hamish

JK Roznos asked:
Your jeans look FANTASTIC! Congratulations on sewing up your first of many pairs of jeans! I have thread traced my favorite old worn out jeans but now must start on the tracing - planning on doing that soon! Thank you for sharing your success - makes me want to get back to mine!
Deb and Hamish answered:
Thank you JK! I took a lot of time on the tracing and transfer etc, I found it quite fascinating. :-)
Ms Vikki asked:
Awesome! You have inspired me to do the same. I am not the thin curvy girl I once was, so finding a good fit is not easy. I took the course thinking quick/easy enough! I should have a full wardrobe in no time...then got busy. Thanks for reminding me about how easy and satisfying it can be. As soon as the kids are out for summer...I have moved to my new studio...and I have an entire day...I am going to do a pair of jeans and a pair of Jean capris that are barely together anymore!
Deb and Hamish answered:
Thanks Ms V, I am also no longer the thin curvy girl I once was - hence the joy of having a well-fitting pair of pants! It's hard finding the time and allocating a space in the house to sew, but now I'm "set up" it's a lot easier. Thanks again. :-)

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