Created by: Amy Alan

Dax's Raincoat

You Can Make This

Amy Alan made Dax's Raincoat with:

  • Leftover waterproof and fleece-lined fabric from my Minoru jacket
  • lining
  • reflective tape

Q&A with Amy Alan

lisa.curr1323743 asked:
Dax is just gorgeous. He looks really proud of his raincoat. You have done such a great job. I love it.
Amy Alan answered:
Thank you so much, Lisa! He really does love to wear it. :)
cardellino asked:
Really very good work, I just don't understand how do you close it, but I love it
Amy Alan answered:
Thank you! You close it with velcro straps. It took a few extra brain cells to figure out, but I decided that the front shoulder straps (wait- do dogs have shoulders?) would attach to the front of the underbelly strap with velcro. I attach each side individually. Then, the underbelly piece comes up and velcros onto the side of the coat, so that at least some of his belly stays dry. If you look at the photo of the pattern piece, you can see my marks for velcro, which may help make sense of the pattern piece.
TallyLady asked:
A corgi! Mine is 29 lbs. will it fit?
Amy Alan answered:
Yes, I think so. Dax was 30 lbs when I made this jacket, so I put two strips of velcro on the belly so it can be adjusted if he gains/loses weight.

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Get your first class for only $14.99