Daughter's Wedding Dress

You Can Make This

Peke Lover made Daughter's Wedding Dress with:

  • Silk duppioni
  • charmeuse
  • and chiffon for the dress

Q&A with Peke Lover

Larri M asked:
Ambitious project that turned out fabulous! Congratulations to you on the dress & to your daughter on the marriage. :)
Peke Lover answered:
Thanks. It was exciting and a joy all around.
RedHandedJill asked:
Oh, it's beautiful!!! Well done!
Peke Lover answered:
Thanks for your comment. There was a steep learning curve here but I enjoyed every minute.
cateyesbeesknees asked:
did you extend the cups and the length of the bodice? i'm planning on using this pattern as a base for my wedding dress, but my chest probably won't fit in the pattern as designed. :-D and i definitely want a longer bodice. your project looks great!
Peke Lover answered:
So sorry I missed this question somehow. I actually took one of my daughter's bras and made a pattern by morphing her bra pattern and the bodice pattern for this dress. And yes, I left plenty of length for the bodice and just fitted it to my daughter, so I'm sure I probably extended it. Hope you had good luck with yours.

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