Creativewan's Pretty Perfect Purse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of actually completing this project!!! I tend to be a perfectionist and will not even start working on something if I think it'll not look decent when I'm done. I'm also proud of myself for being able to "let go" and just enjoy the process of creating without trying to be perfect in the process and not even starting for fear of messing up. The bag turned out WAY better than I imagined! So happy I finally DID IT, especially since I signed up for this class when it was new, lol. Brett Bara is a great instructor! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Measure Twice, Cut Once!!! Very important especially if you are working with a limited about of fabric. Also, because I wanted my outside flap wider than the pocket, I had to "cut the corners" so to speak so I could sew down the flap on the inside of the pocket. You may have to "improvise" on some things. I had to figure out how to install the double-slider purse zipper without cutting the ends and leaving a tab. It was most challenging but most satisfying doing as Tim Gunn (Project Runway) says, "Make It Work"

What you will need

  • 2 pairs of pants - black Levi's for the contrast and for the main fabric
  • a pair of white
  • grey

Q&A with Creativewan

CUBI729 asked:
Very Creative!!
Creativewan answered:
Thank you so much CUBI729! You are my handbag making mentor :-)
nancyzl asked:
Love that you used a thrift store find! Very attractive design. Glad that you could "let go" , it certainly worked !!
Creativewan answered:
Thank you for your complements nancyzl! I would still be a bargain shopper even if I was a billionaire :-D I wish I could encourage everyone out there who is afraid of" messing up" like I was to just go for it. This purse is now out of my head and sitting beside me now, perfect in my eyes, flaws and all!
Linda_D asked:
Very nice purse! Like the style & fabric.
Creativewan answered:
Thank you kindly Linda_D! The fabric screamed at me, "I am Pants, make me into a Purse"! Still flying high over this accomplishment and the lessons it had taught me :-}
Vintage71Bags asked:
What a beautiful job! Well done
Creativewan answered:
Thank you eradent133! I appreciate your compliment more than your know...it helps me to move forward with confidence!
Purp asked:
Really nice job. I too love the idea of getting purse handles, zippers even some inside pockets from the "thrift store"! You go gurl! Purp
Creativewan answered:
Thank you much Purp! Yes, the "thrift store" is one of my favorite places to shop for "material"! Just made a thrift store run a few days ago and found some AWESOME hardware that attaches/detaches using the tiny screws (wish I could post pictures here). I saved 75% on everything! Would have cost a small fortune elsewhere...