Cowl neck t-shirt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Probably drafting the neckline - even though it is a little short I still like it. The fabric has enough fluidity that it lies nicely against the bodice. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Cut the neckband about 18 inches long because it needs to be halved when you attach it.

What you will need

  • Lightweight cotton jersey with lycra.

Q&A with Lynne O

Mary T. Phelan asked:
LOVE IT!..classic style!!...I just signed up for this course...have not looked yet...are instructions/pattern given for this?
Lynne O answered:
Thanks. The instructions for this are not given but all you do is take the neckband in the pattern and on the sides where the arrows are you widen it like a big tube. Then turn it over to fit to the bodice and sew on, just like you would the original neck band.
evie1203 asked:
I love it :) and its such a good idea with cow neck....its start to be really cold .... I think about cow neck + hoodie bodice from fleece... :)
Lynne O answered:
Thanks. It does make a nice top and if you can get a lightweight jersey with good drape it would be a nice top for smart casual occasions.
Grammaco asked:
Perfect, I will be making this one for sure!! Thanks for the inspiration!
Lynne O answered:
Thank you! Will love to see yours when you make it.
Davesmom asked:
By elongating the neck band 9 inches or 18 inches, how does that work? Does the tee neck part stretch that much; when sewing the cowl to the neck? Your tee looks awesome!! But then I do like black and white combinations.
Lynne O answered:
I am terrible at explaining things. You know the neckband where the little notches are, well that is the side you elongate it. I made a tracing paper pattern first and then cut out my fabric.
Davesmom asked:
Do you mean making the width of the neck band longer?
Lynne O answered:
It is the part of the original neckband where you fold it over to sew to the bodice. The other part stays the same.

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