Couture Dress - Burgundy Woven

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Learning and using the tip about selvedge stays for the waistband pieces. It made a huge difference - night and day. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch the entire "Couture Dress" course before starting - it really helps clarify the process and gives you ideas for what you could do with your dress. I'll be updating my project as I go along. Regarding my muslin: I'm another sewer who doesn't yet have a mannequin or anyone to help out, so that photo is mainly to mark progress. I ironed and fitted it more carefully (without a t-shirt underneath) after taking the photo. I have a long waist: my bodice has 2" added to it, with the waistband at its original proportions. After sewing up the dress, I highly recommend having at least a mannequin, and ideally someone to help you. I was not able to get the fit I'd hoped for on my own. The front is OK, but the back has some puffiness that it probably wouldn't if I'd had someone to help fit that hard-to-reach area.

What you will need

  • Medium-weight woven cotton fashion fabric with a white cotton-silk blend lining.

Q&A with fraise

Cissie asked:
Really like your fabric. Can't wait to see your progress.
fraise answered:
Thanks Cissie! I was delighted to find this as a remnant, it's my favorite color.
Jackie G. asked:
I am anxious to see your progress. I have stalled a bit with a fitting issue that I won't be able to resolve until first week of April. I love your fabric and am inspired by you posting your project. It helps to know others are working through the same project.
fraise answered:
Thank you! It helps motivate me to get moving :) Still need to sew my muslin. It's nice to take time like this though, I've found this course to be great for allowing yourself a lot of carefulness.

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