Coutour Class Project

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am most proud that I did it!! I made my own pattern and fitted it nicely. The photo does not give the fit credit, but it drapes nicely, is fitted nicely though the bodice, is not too fitted so the zipper stretches, and it feels so nice against my skin. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to rip something out and start over. I made my muslin 8 times before I got the sleeves right. I ran out of old sheets! After I was done, I remade the muslin because it is my master pattern. Also, use good fabric. I am sorry my budget was tight. After all this work, I wish I had made it in better fabric. It was expensive polyester, but it would have been better in a better fabric. Now I know I can do this, I have to adjust our budget! Sewing is now a new budget column. Thanks for the course and best to all to do this -- it is worth it.

What you will need

  • Because my budget is tight
  • I used polyester for all layers. I do have some silk and wool in the closet to use for the next project!

Q&A with teddypup-Pam

sew me now asked:
I love this on you and the color is perfect for the fall.
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thanks so much. I like warm colors! This is my FAVORITE time of the year!!
Peakage asked:
I like the fact that you recognized that the dress for the class was not your style and didn't try to make it but found something that would be flattering on you. It's beautiful and I can't wait to see you make it in another fabric to see how different it will look!
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thanks for the kind words. I want to change the style by adding a yoke, piping, and varing the sleeve length and stlye. I say that easily, but it will be a challenge.
Davesmom asked:
The material you used looks great. It looks like the fit is great as well. Your choice in color is impressive. I like your style. I need to make a dress as well. I do not have one hanging in my closet. I also am choosing a different pattern as I feel the class pattern will not work on my figure either. I have choosen a prince line striegh dress. But I plan on following the class instructions as I have never made a dress that fits me. ( I have tried twice before.) I think the muslim will help. Your dress looks great on you!!
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thanks. I like warm colors. This course is going to make "dress wearers" out of us all!
Julie Eilber asked:
Great job! I like the style--modern and retro at the same time. I also learned that it's important to spend time fitting the muslin. Frustrating, but it pays off!
teddypup-Pam answered:
Thanks. I just made the connection--you are the lady who made that beautiful jacket! That jacket looks expensive. I saw a fabric like it in a "better" fabric store in Baltimore. I am not ready to work with $$$ fabric. No yet. But soon!
sew4grands asked:
Your dress looks wonderful and you look great in it. I have complained to Craftsy about styles here all seem to be for young women, it would be nice to see something more for the older women. This would fit the bill, after all everyone who sews does not have an hourglass figure.
teddypup-Pam answered:
I know I don't!! What I did learn was the techniques of adjusting patterns, underlining, and linings. I never saw so much hand sewing! I am making a vest right now and these new techiques are serving me well. Thanks for your encouragement.

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