Cotton Sun Dress

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janice922778 made Cotton Sun Dress with:

The Couture Dress

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The Couture Dress

with Susan Khalje

  • Cotton Quilting Fabric and Cotton Batiste

Q&A with janice922778

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Pretty! Love the scallop treatment.
janice922778 answered:
Thank you
Una in Oz asked:
Janice your dress is so pretty - I love the scalloped skirt and contrast shading fabric! How did you work out the seam allowances for the contrast matching?
janice922778 answered:
I cut very generous seam allowances and then trimmed them down. My real blunder, when I cut out the skirt pieces first, was to cut the white pieces too close together, and there was not enough distance on the dark fabric to match. So I had to recut the white skirt pieces.
Fashionability asked:
Your dress is beautiful, and you look so happy! I saw the fabric when you posted the photo, and now it is so exciting to see the finished product.
janice922778 answered:
Thanks, you have to get creative when the only places around sell quilting fabric.
OriginalRed asked:
Wow! Very amazing how you matched the two fabrics together to make each flower complete. It's really a fun and pretty dress. Enjoy it!
janice922778 answered:
Thank you
Hopeful sewer asked:
Really nice pattern-matching. If you have any spare cloth, in your ample spare time, you should consider a shawl or bolero with the reverse matching idea (i.e. dark on the shoulders and light below), to bring it up front. Your pattern-matching skills are too excellent to be confined only to a hem!
janice922778 answered:
I did consider it, but I am getting tired of the whole thing. I do have a nice black cashmere shawl.

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