Created by: LizzyH

Corset Tee from Alabama Stitch Book

You Can Make This

LizzyH made Corset Tee from Alabama Stitch Book with:

  • I re-purposed / re-used a 100% cotton printed concert tee shirt.

Q&A with LizzyH

Schmorb asked:
Very cool! Love how you used the list of cities and the red and blue accents to compliment the T.
LizzyH answered:
Thank you! Fortunately the recommended thread came in red! And the blue fabric was from another old t-shirt. (Now I know why I was saving it ;-))
DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Cool! Nice use of the graphics.
LizzyH answered:
amyrt asked:
This is a masterpiece for re-purposing!! I love it!
LizzyH answered:
Thank you!
faux nom asked:
Brilliant use of a tee shirt that was probably just sitting neglected in a drawer! I love your choice of the blue binding and red stitching.
LizzyH answered:
Thank you! Yes, I've had that t-shirt a LONG time! I can see using this technique and some of the other Alabama Chanin patterns to re-use a few others I've got hanging around.
Doni asked:
Oh my!! I love this!!
LizzyH answered: