Coil baskets

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Use a denim/jeans needle and if thread is starting to snag and snap or is tangling on the bottom the first thing ro check is usually whether you need to put in a new needle!

What you will need

  • 5.6 mm soft rope
  • fabric strips and thread.

Q&A with Sarah Becker

Suncatcher Art asked:
I've tried doing this, but ended up throwing my hands up in dispair! I don't suppose you have simple instructions on how to do this?
Sarah Becker answered:
Which bit do you have trouble with? Off the top of my head my main tips would be to cut fabric on the bias (diagonally) because it stretches around the rope more easily. When wrapping do not use glues just wrap over your start point once. I wrap in an anti clockwise direction but i'm not sure if this makes a differerence. Do not wrap too much in one spot bec then you'll end up with lumps and a wonky basket. When you start make a couole of coils,hold it in place with a pin and straight stitch a line or cross across the centre to hold it. Remove pin and start zigzagging from the centre.
4bird2 asked:
OMG, these are gorgeous. Your baskets are so unique. I wish i had a method of bringing the sides of the bowl up, I've made a couple that are very lopsided. Is there a trick that you can share?
Sarah Becker answered:
Thanks! The only tip s I can think of for keeping sides even is to avoid creating a lump when you add a new strip of fabric and also make sure you hold the same angle for each coiled row. So when you finish your base and you start going up put a pin in the point where you first chnaged the angle. Hold that same angle until you get all the way back around to the pin. If you want to change the angle ALWAYS make the change at the same point for the whole basket. If you need to leave the project and return to it later try to finish at this point so that even if you cant remember exactly what angle you had been working at the basket will still be symmetrical even if you accidentally change the angle a bit. Hope this makes sense! When I'm doing the rainbow baskets I change fabric after completing each coil so I can remember at what point I can alter the angle.

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