Clothesline Tote

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I finished it! This is a LOT of work, I LOVE the result, but I'm not sure I'd tackle it again. What advice would you give someone starting this project? You can see the result is really neat, pick colors you like and have at it.. it's not hard, just time consuming. For everyone who has asked, you can get a pattern for this from www.clotilde.com, they have lots of patterns for clothesline items including several types of bags/totes. Thanks for the compliments :)

What you will need

  • One Batik JellyRoll . Clothesline.

Q&A with limeyintexas

RachelH asked:
Think I might have to learn to make this! Where can I find a pattern or instructions for it?
limeyintexas answered:
www.clotilde.com has patterns
taylor533 asked:
beautiful..check mine out...uses Balipops strips as well...just a bit different...can send you the pattern if you like:)
limeyintexas answered:
I will have to go check yours out... they are gorgeous arn't they?
NJore asked:
I see great projects but now way to find directions
limeyintexas answered:
NJore asked:
No way to find directions is what I meant to say
limeyintexas answered:
Try www.clotilde.com , they have lots of patterns for clotheline items. :)
ItchyFeet asked:
This is lovely! Great job and wonderful colors!
limeyintexas answered:
thankyou :)