Created by: Hair of the Dog

Chihuahua Dog Pillow

You Can Make This

Hair of the Dog made Chihuahua Dog Pillow with:

  • Cotton fabric
  • fusible web
  • pillow form

Q&A with Hair of the Dog

Scheri Manson asked:
Oh Chris, I must get this pattern from you. Don't know how but I would love to connect. I have Chihuahuas and both of my adult daughters have Chi's and I would love to do one for each of the girls as christmas gifts. I am going to give you my facebook details in hopes that we can become friends.
Hair of the Dog answered:
Hi Scheri - Looks like we're already friends on Facebook!!
wbamachick73 asked:
I so need this and the dachshund one
Hair of the Dog answered:
lindalcary asked:
Can you give me info about purchasing this Chi pillow?
Hair of the Dog answered:
Hello - I will gladly sell you this pillow. Send me your email address and we will go from there. Thank you!
lindalcary asked:
Is there any way you will sell the patterns if I sign a waiver not to sell them for my personal profit? I'm founder, president of,a small dog rescue and I believe pictures and pillows using these dog silhouettes would sell for us. We are a public charity and donations are tax-deductible. We are at zero balance in our bank account because we have been treating a little Papillon senior who has a severely enlarged heart, collapsed trachea, and asthma. The vets thought he would only live a couple of months and we are about to hit the three year milestone. His mess cost between $6 and $8 a day and every three months he requires blood tests and chest x-rays. We do get our vet office visits free at the clinic we use, but the other costs are staggering. we are located in Jacksonville, FL, and only rescue locally. Because we don't have any mo eye anymore, we only have three foster moms and can't afford to take any more dogs unless they are already vetted. My husband has been keeping the rescue going by paying the vet bills. We don't have anyone who donates regularly and very seldom get a small donation. Right now I have 6 older, sick dogs that are in sanctuary care and one adoptable one. Another foster mom has 7 older, sick, unadoptable dogs in sanctuary care including two blind dogs and a deaf dog. We have $100 right now as I donated my birthday money. Can we work out something so I could purchase these patterns and only sell them for the benefit of our rescue. It is the only way I can think of that we can get back on our feet at this time. I don't want to compete with you, just make our rescue financially stable again so we can start rescuing all breeds of small dogs. Our website is and you will be blue to see Charlie, our sick boy, Loki, who is heartworm positive and too old to receive the treatment. We have two adoptable dogs: Rocky is on the website. We received a girl about a week ago and we are working with her fears before we advertise her. My email is papillonmom or lindalcary both at Email me and I'll give you my phone number so we can talk about possibilities. Thank you for your consideration. Your work is stunning. You really have a knack for combining colors and prints!
Hair of the Dog answered:
Hi Linda - Nice to meet a fellow rescuer. I have my own group, too - FluffyButts Rescue Resort - You don't need my patterns. All you have to do is look for public domain images and use those that don't have a copyright. If there are any patterns of mine in pawticular that you like, let me know and I'll look to see if they were ones that I purchased but the ones that are silhouettes are public domain and can be used by anyone. Good luck to you and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. We're always willing to help out another group. : ) Chris

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