campus clutch

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I would make it a little bigger.

Q&A with Gillian Marie

Stmira asked:
Very pretty.
Gillian Marie answered:
embrown391443380 asked:
Am I missing something? It's pretty but I don't know how to put the zipper in it.
Gillian Marie answered:
I did find the zip to be a bit tricky, possibly because the clutch is a little small. I used fusible interlining so I had the outer pieces constructed plus the lining pieces with the interlining fused on the. Effectively you sandwich one side of the zipper tape between the lining and the outer and stitch in place. Do the same for the other side of the zipper tape, Fold so that its inside out , making sure the zip is undone, and stitch around the 3 sides. Turn through. The picture on the pdf file at step 14 is the clearest I think.
Pianopaws1799395 asked:
Gillian, have you found a way to make it bigger? I love the pattern but i would like it to hold bills.. would love it if it were 1 and half inces longer.
Gillian Marie answered:
I haven't tried but if you cut all the pieces the size you want them, ensure you use a zip that is also longer and follow the instructions in the same way it should work out fine.

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