bycicle basket

Project Description

What are you most proud of? it took me a long time to decide what to use for the basket , batting would have molded fast, and if rained on too often it would have lost shape. the basket is made of a plastic container that came with some gummy bears. my daughter had cracked it on the side, and it gave me the idea to use it. it definately gave sturdy shape to the basket and the basket turned out to be quite cute.

Q&A with sawdey i

Larri M asked:
Creative use of the container turned into a gorgeous basket! I bet your daughter loves this. Great job!
sawdey i answered:
thak you and yes she does:) she puts her daily goodies bag with candies in there and drives it to school every day. one day she found a small tree frog living in it and now checks it every day to see if theres a new froggy to hold