Bottle Gift Bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the gift bag doesn't need a bow or drawstring and is very quick to make. I really love those twisted flowers! I started to make gift wine bags for Christmas early, and discovered that red and white striped fabric used in the twists made adorable Peppermint Pops! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch Vanessa's class video and use the 3" wide pinked strip for a fluffy flower. It's fun to do!

What you will need

  • quilting cotton
  • fusible stiffener
  • Vanessa Christenson's instructions on "Flower Pillow - Twists"
  • a pattern from Craftsy: "ww Japanese Knot Bag & Bottle Bag + Blossom"
  • pinking shears.

Q&A with Pam Sews

LiteMotif asked:
great idea!
Pam Sews answered:
thanks! I really love giving these (I need to take a better picture, it looks a lot better with a real bottle instead of tissue :-) I love it that they are reusable.

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