Bombshell dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? As far as sewing goes, I took some home-ec, back in grade school, where we learned the very basics of using sewing patterns, but I'm self taught otherwise and have largely stuck to very simple, unlined garments. I've always cut out the size closest to my own and used it without modification. This was my first time making a muslin, and doing multiple fittings to get a great fit. It's also my first time lining a garment, doing a lapped zipper, adding boning and waist stays and doing a lot of hand stitching. I learned so much and have been using those skills, ever since. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I doubt I would have been able to sew this project without having taken the class first. The instructions are bare bones, and there are no seam allowances; two things that would have left me completely flummoxed. The real benefit of making this project was in taking the class which offers tons of really great techniques that I have already started to incorporate into other sewing projects.

What you will need

  • Quilter's cotton
  • muslin
  • boning
  • buttons

Q&A with MissMarnie

ClassicDeb asked:
Gorgeous Dress!! I love the fabric, too! Did your "assistants" help? One of my beloved cats was always a pattern weight.
MissMarnie answered:
Ha, the puppies are always happy to help but their most important responsibility is as spokesmodels. I think they do a good job of making me look better.
Jennifer Hansen asked:
Gorgeous as usual! I'm in this class too! :o) Thanks for the great review of it. I am finishing up another sewing class so that I can be confident in following along in this one!
MissMarnie answered:
oooh, I can't wait to see your dress, when you finally make it. I have no doubt your's will be amazing.