Blue Satin/shantung Reversible Fabric Plus Size Boustier Dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Creating a pattern just for me. It has been a huge learning curve, but I understand so much more through this experience. There's still some things I need to finish (waist stay, hem although I'm still tossing up changing it to a 3/4 circle skirt), but what I've learned is invaluable. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just try stuff out and don't be afraid to do it. You will make mistakes, but embrace them as part of the learning process and you will come out of this experience with a gorgeous dress and whole new understanding of dressmaking.

What you will need

  • Blue satin/shantung reversible fabric with blue cotton poplin lining.

Q&A with LilyAnneH

mogulsm asked:
I've had a had time with the skirt since it had to be graded to fit me. Any Advice? Btw, GREAT job!! It looks fabulous on you!
LilyAnneH answered:
I did a bunch of research on how to modify the skirt, and ended up extending it at the side seams, although with the draped part, I had to cut the pattern at the draped part and move it back across the skirt to make it a simple pencil skirt, expanded it, and then extended out the draped part again. Or you could just take a pencil skirt pattern that fits you, then where you want the drape, cut from the top down to the bottom seam (without cutting all the way) then open it out by how much you want for the draped portion, and then make a muslin and then make the adjustments you need. :)
Grinned asked:
This looks great! Did you upsize the original pattern or use one of the alternatives?
LilyAnneH answered:
Thanks :) I upsized the skirt which was the original pattern, and then used the bodice from the plus size alternative. The seams matched up with a bit of fiddling. I would use a different method today to what I did then. The pattern grading course on here is fantastic for learning how to grade the patterns to fit :)
LivingBeauty asked:
you did a great job with pattern and class! you look beautiful! now if only I would adjust and finish MY dress! thanks for showing us what our dress is SUPPOSED to look like. very nice!
LilyAnneH answered:
Thanks :) There was a lot wrong with this dress, haha. I couldn't bend over, so there were things that at the time I couldn't fix. I'm going to do an updated version soon. But give it a go, it does feel great once you finish :)