Blue Dragon

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I completed the project--not to the original plan, but I got it in nearly-presentable condition, and I got it on TV. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you're aren't an experienced seamster(ess), have time!

What you will need

  • Thread
  • polyester...prom dress material

Q&A with StefanieFayard

NellyJane asked:
Fantastic, This looks really good, well done, if the cameras didn't notice you I sure the children did.
StefanieFayard answered:
Thank you! :D
Debosaur asked:
WOW love this! well done. I need to make one for my primary school.
StefanieFayard answered:
Thank you :D I'm working to make my pattern available, but if you finish yours before I do, then awesome!
seahorse1211 asked:
this is great thank god my Autistic child has not seen this he is dragon mad and would love it
StefanieFayard answered:
Hehehe thank you! :D