Bling for the sewing room

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The way the letters turn out after I finished the decoupage. I had never done that before. What advice would you give someone starting this project? The paper was easier to decoupage than the fabric. Cutting it out to place on the letters was a little difficult. With the paper you could press it with your hand against it and get an indentation of where to cut, but couldn't with the fabric.

What you will need

  • I bought wood letters and hand painted the striped one in black and white. The polk a dot ones is paper that I decoupaged and the other was fabric I decoupaged on the letters. I hot glued the ribbon on back of the letter and tied on knobs that I painted and nailed to the wall

Q&A with jfriel

patz in suffolk asked:
What an excellent idea! It would be nice to do childrens' names to hang on their bedroom walls - I think you've given me an idea for my two great-grandchildren (whose names aren't too long!).
jfriel answered:
That is where I got the idea. I saw a picture of childrens name and thought it would look cute in my craft/sewing room. I love to sew and quilt so why not use those names. I guess you could do any names. Maybe a sports team or if one of your grandchildren plays a sport like hockey you could use those letters. The possibilities are endless!!!
NanaJeanFL asked:
How absolutely perfect jfriel! These are so unique - very creative! I imagine they add inspiration to your space. I've never done decoupage. Maybe its time to try.
jfriel answered:
Thanks. Yes it makes me smile when I go in there. I'm putting up decorate rods to hang my quilt for display next. The ones you can add the rings with clips.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Fabulous idea and just beautiful for your room! The letters would be fantastic in a child's room or on their door, in a school classroom, or a hundred other places. Love it!
jfriel answered:
Thanks. I think like you said you could apply in many ways.
Darns asked:
These look great! Wonderful idea for your room - now I'm look at the space above the closet door - hmmmm
jfriel answered:
Go for it!!!!
Surfside6 asked:
Super cute and must make you joyful when you go into your special place. Thanks for showing us!
jfriel answered:
My sewing room is my happy place!! I get lost in there and block everything out.