Created by: Muddpies

Black & White Zippered Tote

You Can Make This

Muddpies made Black & White Zippered Tote with:

  • Screen Printed Canvas fabric
  • zipper
  • purchased handles

Q&A with Muddpies

Lillyrusso asked:
Love this tote, how to I get the pattern?
Muddpies answered:
No pattern. I just made it based on how big the piece of fabric was that I had. Just cut 4 rectangles (2 in exterior fabric, 2 in linging fabric) Used scrap for strap loops and bottom base. inserted zipper and straps at top and squared off bottom.
flower queen asked:
Beautiful bag - black & white is such a classic. Love how you centered the print.
Muddpies answered:
Thank you!

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Get your first class for only $14.99