Belt Pouch.

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It really looks great and the Pouch is working.

What you will need

  • Old denim pants
  • Poly Cotton for the lining and Velcro for the closure.

Q&A with Carry Gear

Mels Designs asked:
I make these a little smaller and with more decoration on them...I've made them from using the front zipper on pants and a pants pocket...sewing them together, then adding a button sleeve cuff to attach it to the belt loop....really handy...
Carry Gear answered:
Thanks for the comment. I don't want to use decorations on the Belt Pouch because it must be something that the men also use. The size is right for me because I must always take my glass case with. I am going to make one and use two "belt loops" rather than one, That is the nice thing about sewing - you can really be creative. It is really good to get another person's input.
Mels Designs asked:
Yes, I see what you mean....thank you...it's a handy pouch to have...when we don't want to carry our purses to yard sales and flea markets....I gotta keep my hands busy shopping...lol....
Carry Gear answered:
Please post a photo of your Belt Pouch on Craftsy - I really want to see it,