Beginner Serging: Exposed Zipper Bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I made it myself for myself!!!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I have Singer 14 T 968 DC convertible serger. I have heard it is fussy - it wouldn't go any farther than 2 layers of fleece. Ah... Now I know it for sure! I intended to use my serger and started with it, but the thickness of the layers were too much. I played with stitch length, pressure, and differential feed. Nothing worked - my left needle started to give up first, than the right one. I changed them, re-threded serger a few times.... Well.... Had to switch to regular sewing machine to finish my projects. I used zippers that I had on hand. I didn't want to run to the store to buy fabric and used what I already had, so the sizes are a little off. Everything goes, right! I didn't have enough fabric yardage, so my linings are many pieces of the same fabric serged together. Had to buy the fleece. Now it is my new favorite item! A few notes to myself - * Would like to add a handle/loop of some sort. * My fusible fleece was not squared right at the store. I had to cut away quite a chunk of the sides. * The 1/2 yard of fleece is enough to make 3-4 bags. * On the "angel" bag, I made dipper corners and the bag looks taller in comparison to the "green" bag. The seam itself measures almost 4" * Next time will make pull-tubs with the main fabric

What you will need

  • Quilting cotton fabric
  • zippers
  • threads

Q&A with Iryna B.

evie1203 asked:
they both lovely:)well done!!
Iryna B. answered:
Thank you! My hubby wants one too
smartini asked:
The corners on the green bag, you mean you went farther in then 2 inches? How far in did you go? I like the look of the taller bag.
Iryna B. answered:
Yes, I did 3" instead. Thank you
evie1203 asked:
me to:):)
Iryna B. answered:
Make it fast!
Amy Alan asked:
Lovely! I'm sorry to hear your serger wasn't happy with the thickness. But, they are beautiful bags, regardless!
Iryna B. answered:
Thank you, Amy! I am glad to hear this from you. I do love my bags and all the tips and tricks I learned in your class.
maribow asked:
I just began this class as a refresher to using my serger. I have a brother 103D, 4 thread that has always performed for me, but I have not used anything but the basic overlock, none of the flatlock or decorative stitches. I was attracted to the making of this bag. I can see handles as a strap attached to the pulls at each end with a "d" ring. I make my own handbags, and this will be a nice addition to the larger bags for tings like cosmetics, etc. I look forward to getting re-acquainted with my serger.
Iryna B. answered:
Have fun with the class and your projects! I was also impressed with what my serger (or me?!) can do. Very exiting!

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