Beaded Polka Dot Caplet

What are you most proud of? That I was able salvage a previously created project.

You Can Make This

BiAnCa S made Beaded Polka Dot Caplet with:

  • Out of Print Butterick 5843
  • Bugle beads
  • sequins

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I was able salvage a previously created project.

Q&A with BiAnCa S

callievel asked:
this is wonderful! i was just looking at a capelet today, knitted, thinking about a-c-ing it. is the dress butterick too? is it sleeveless? it looks like you used cross stitch for the capelet, and cretan for the dress ribbing? love the color and the style. and the beads!
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks! Yes, it is cross stitch on the caplet and herringbone on the dress. I haven't written the dress up yet. It is an out of print pattern from my stash. It is sleeveless and I made it to go with this Caplet! I added the beads and thought, I need a dress under this! I am an insane addict! I will post about the dress by the end of the week.
shelly1384316 asked:
Very nice! Did you make your own polka dot stencil? I would love to make something with polka dots but I'm not sure how to go about it.
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks, I did make my stencil using pennant felt and a "C-thru circle template". I later discovered it could be made easier using the box from Christmas ornaments as a the template. I added a photo for you. Just transfer the circles to the back of your felt with a marker. Poke a hole in the center and cut a cross to the circle line, like wedges. Then cut the top (circle) away. I hope that makes sense, if not let me know and I will add a blog post to show it. You don't want to use your box as the stencil as it is not durable when wet.
Nixxi asked:
Cute! How ingenious to use the Christmas decs box for a stencil - very creative. Love the beading.
BiAnCa S answered:
KarenMG asked:
Could you give us more information on how you salvaged the project?
BiAnCa S answered:
Karen, the short answer is that my painting was not that great and I had some paint spill outside of the stenciled shape. There were some really bad areas and adding the beads covered the ugly spots. It was unwearable before. I explain it in more detail and have photos on my blog:
djw771518951 asked:
I love the capelet ...but also the dress under it! Great job! And nice colors. Did you dye them yourself?
BiAnCa S answered:
thank you. I did not dye them myself. Not that brave :)