Baby Girl Diaper bag ensemble

You Can Make This

NorthernGirl made Baby Girl Diaper bag ensemble with:

  • Flannel Fabrics
  • sewing machine
  • cotton thread

Q&A with NorthernGirl

OINARI asked:
***PATTERN INFORMATION*** !!!RESPECTFULLY!!! to: NorthernGirl: I, too found the ensemble adorable, yet no pattern frustrating, so, I went on a hunt, and this is what I can share: I may be wrong, but, I believe the 'diaper bag' is her: "Extend-A-Handbag", found here on Craftsy for 'free'. If you go to her blog, she gives instructions for her "Rag Quilt" (scroll down!). There are 'free' patterns here on Craftsy for 'bibs', and I'm not sure if the rolled items are 'burp cloths', or 'changing pads', but there are also 'free' patterns here for those as well...the rest is up to you! Use your own/recipient's likes/tastes and have fun!!! (I didn't give the actual links, again, out of respect for NorthernGirl's 'idea', and Craftsy...but they aren't hard to find.)
NorthernGirl answered:
Thank you for sharing. I didn't per say share pattern I formation as I didn't have anything written up. I also have not checked on this site much this year due to my sister fighting cancer then passing. This was just a completed project I was sharing on crafty.

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