Applique Practice

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I haven't sewn in a couple of decades, but it seems to be coming back to me. I am going to create my own stencil pattern based on dots/circles - I love the AC stencils, but they are not really me. I am very inspired by the various polka dot things they have done, however. I plan to test the stencil on a corset and skirt from Book 1 before I proceed with the more complicated coat. I also put a pic in of my mobile sewing kit so I can schlep the work with me. I love these Cocoon organizers - I think they'd be pretty easy to make, but I had a couple laying around and repurposed one for sewing. What advice would you give someone starting this project? The process of working with this "throw away" fabric made clear the difference that quality jersey makes. I will be hunting down good thrift shirts for the smaller projects and saving my pennies for AC fabric for the coat. FYI: These samples did not take long AND the suggestion Natalie makes about pre-threading multiple needles - golden! I don't know how long it would have taken me to think of that.... Doh!

What you will need

  • muslin and thrifted jersey from old t-shirts
  • embroidery floss

Q&A with pattiebelle

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Really like your color combos and dot pattern - go for it!
pattiebelle answered:
Thank you! I need to source some good chartreuse jersey - I'll have to make a thrift trip this weekend...
Sunne Meyer asked:
I love your trials! The colors are great and the pattern is really modern and fun. I completely agree with your comments about the right materials making all the difference. Finally purchasing the milliner needles vs using the sewing needles that I had really made a difference for me. Is the muslin as forgiving as the jersey for appliqu after multiple washings? It look beautiful now...
pattiebelle answered:
The muslin was just an experiment for a japanese wrap dress project - it is quite delicate - it will have also many draw string ruffles and is also partly hand sewn - I won't be throwing that one in the washer casually - it was really meant to test the pattern and now I have become quite attached to it....
PSCD asked:
Love your dot patterns and the colors you used. Great job, and I bet you learned a lot!
pattiebelle answered:
I am learning so much! I am a bit anxious about those hand sewn felled seams - I just need to get in there and try it on some scrap fabric...