Anna's Garden Poncho

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be sure your grainlines for both layers match perfectly to be sure you have sufficient stretch. If your grain is askew you lose the give and it may not fit. I suggest if you plan to make an embellished poncho, baste all the edges together and the one seam to check the fit. I would even suggest adding about 4 inches to the length which I think takes it to 58 inches.

What you will need

  • Cotton jersey
  • Button and Craft thread
  • seed and bugle beads. I had some bead troubles on this one
  • but found a solution
  • all of the details are blogged:

Q&A with BiAnCa S

amyrt asked:
You did a stellar job on the stencil placement~ Outstanding and practical, too!
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks Amy, that was just dumb luck! :)
maggiesc asked:
Beautiful! Is that a shawl from AC
BiAnCa S answered:
Thanks Maggie, this is the poncho from the Studio Sewing and Design book
mochimo asked:
Wow! Great! I love it!
BiAnCa S answered:
thank you!
DrFun asked:
Oh, I just realized it's sewn together with a seam - it's gorgeous! I'm joining you in the beading woes - the new beads I ordered from AC don't fit on my needles - what's up with that? They're supposedly the same size to try embroidery needles!
BiAnCa S answered:
I can't wait to see your dress!
Meg McKinney asked:
Wow .. this looks terrific! Even if you don't do any more bead or applique work, it looks great thus far. You give me hope!
BiAnCa S answered:
Thank you!