Created by: callievel

alabama chanin fitted dress in progress

You Can Make This

callievel made alabama chanin fitted dress in progress with:

  • cotton jersey
  • fabric paint
  • pattern from alabama studio sewing and design

Q&A with callievel

Nixxi asked:
Ooh nice work. What does the lettering say and where did you get the stencil please. This is a great dress - one I would wear for sure. Also, very clever work to get the continuous lettering over the seams - did you do the embroidery after seam construction?
callievel answered:
hi nixxi, thank you! this is another stencil i made, but i printed it on freezer paper, which is very easy and works really well. there is a lot of info online about how to do it, or else, i'll explain, if you want. i think i did embroider after the construction. oh, lettering says- wear what's fun. thanks for all your compliments!
Sylviaquilts asked:
Great dress, and so flattering on you. I tried making this pattern as a top and it didn't fit well at all. Lots of gaping around armholes and neckline too low. Did you do any alterations to the pattern? I also love the lettering at the bottom. Great job!
callievel answered:
hi sylvia, thank you ! the neckline is beyond my comfort zone for sure, and next time i'll raise it. (it's lower than it looks in the photo, i guess because my arms are raised. ) other wise, i ripped out my "ribbing", aka binding a few times until i could get it snug enough, and pulled in a bit of the gape at the very bottom of the neck. oh, and this is probably a no-no, but i had read of the gapping issue, so instead of cutting binding on cross grain, i cut it along the grain, to diminish stretch.

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