Alabama Chanin Corset

What you will need

  • Old cotton T-shirts
  • Rit dye
  • fabric paint
  • stencil from her book
  • and craft thread.

Q&A with DrFun

djw771518951 asked:
Very nice! I really like the color it turned out. I just started the Dyeing class with Jane Dunnewold on Craftsy. Hope to do some fun colors and effects for AC projects. Real dyes that you need rubber gloves for!
DrFun answered:
Oooh - gloves instead of ziploc bags rubber-banded on my hands - that sounds like fun!
HIcraftsy asked:
This corset top looks great on you. I really like the color choices - it is a light blue on the top and white below? Great job!
DrFun answered:
Thanks - I actually dyed 2 batches, and the top is just a little darker blue than the bottom - they were supposed to be royal blue but I didn't use the whole package.