Alabama Chanin Bolero

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Figuring out the painting system! I used my heavy body acrylic paints (artist paints for on canvas). Mix your colours, dilute a touch with water, and then add a fabric medium (I used Liquitex brand in a 1:1 ratio of medium:paint). The medium thins and softens the paint to keep it from being overly stiff on the fabric. Worked like a charm and I appreciated being able to a) mix my own colours from scratch, and b) re-use my artist paints instead of having to invest in a whole new set of paints. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you already have acrylic paints, buy the fabric medium. I found mylar sheets at my Campus Bookstore, made for a great stencil. Between the paint I used and the stencil, I had no problems with running whatsoever and achieved a soft and supple print on the fabric.

What you will need

  • Cut up an old organic cotton t-shirt. Artist acrylic paint with fabric medium. Homemade mylar stencil of Abbie's Flower Placemat printed at ~160%. Make-up sponges for painting.

Q&A with Schmorb

rowoman asked:
the ultimate craftsy project...upcycling your chef's thermoworks tee, embellishing with your artist paints, and sewing "old school" it!
Schmorb answered:
Yeah! Loved the process, and love the possibility of making old or out-of-style clothing new, lovely, and luxurious again :)