AC Weekend Workshop Dress

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you can get to Florence, do it!

Q&A with kmk

faux nom asked:
kmk - thanks for showing us all your AC projects! I love them all, and really admire your detailed work. You mentioned this dress and the Maggie Dress came from a weekend workshop. Does that mean you got to do 2 projects in one workshop? Or did you go twice? I'm so envious!!
kmk answered:
Hi Faux Nom, you are very sharp to pick that up. No, you don't get to make two projects- only one but I started the beige fabric as a Maggie Dress while I was at the workshop and by the time I came home changed my mind (didn't like the way the embellishments looked together with pattern choice). I switched it to the Fitted Dress pattern in the third book. Sneaky, eh? I finished the Maggie Dress in another fabric...a cotton jersey sheet set that I got from Target (btw, the Target fabric is way too thin-don't use it).