Created by: djw771518951

AC T-shirt

You Can Make This

djw771518951 made AC T-shirt with:

  • Light weight
  • hand dyed organic cotton jersey.

Q&A with djw771518951

LaissezBee asked:
Great shirt! What type of dye did you use? Also what is your pattern? That neckline is about what I am looking for. Also curious about your sleeves. Are they double layer and how did you finish the cuffs?
djw771518951 answered:
I used a Katherine Tilton Vogue pattern and altered the neckline. The sleeves are double because the jersey is so lightweight. I cut the upper layer off about 2 1/2 inches up and left that part of the seam open. "Cuffs" can be up or down. The edges are all raw except for the neckline.... And it has washed very well. The dye was just rit in brown, but I didn't use very much. I found on something else that their brown is PINK! I am starting the dyeing class on Craftsy with Jane Dunnewold so future dying will be REAL dyes.
segger46 asked:
You have been busy!
djw771518951 answered:
I had foot surgery this summer.....lots of time to sew!

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Get your first class for only $14.99