AC-inspired T-shirts

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The stencils. I'm no artist so I'm just glad they came out looking well. I drew on my quilting experience for the feather's style and I'm really happy with the result. After taking Natalie's class I immediately bought one of her books and have been trying hand-sewing projects ever since. For these shirts I wanted to make my own designs for my sister and her daughter so I drew up the bird and feather pictures for stencils. For my niece's feather shirt I wanted to make it a little more whimsical to soften the fact that it was black so I drafted up a petal kind of sleeve which I've never done before. I had so much fun with these shirts! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Find your own style and run with it. It's immensely more satisfying when it's your own from start to finish.

What you will need

  • Cotton Jersey
  • beads
  • airbrush paint
  • embroidery thread.

Q&A with Strange

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Love the feather! Nice work.
Strange answered:
Thank-you very much.
faux nom asked:
Those are wonderful designs! I love the idea of a feather, and the tip gives it a peacock-esque feel. Very neat!
Strange answered:
Thanks. I'm very happy I had to draw all those feathers for quilting,practice now!
zinc6 asked:
Beautiful work ... I love the even hand stiches in these garments. I agree with you in that it is much more satifying to design yourself from start to finish - I have some stencil ideas but havn't got around to trying them out yet - great to see some original pieces.
Strange answered:
I can't wait to see your stencils! :)
amyrt asked:
Beautiful work. The amount of work that must have gone into the image/stencil designs I'm sure make these especially dear to you!
Strange answered:
It's a very satisfying feeling. Thank-you. :)
Coach Tina asked:
Beautiful-I really like the t-shirts. I hope your sister and niece love their t-shirts
Strange answered:
Thanks. I hope so too!