AC Corset (first garment practice)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am thrilled with what I was able to create with two old men's t-shirts. I love the focus and mindfulness of hand sewing. I also really like not having any machines involved! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I really think I should have made an unembellished version of the corset before I made this. I will do that with the next patterns I pursue and definitely the coat!

What you will need

  • Two thrifted t-shirts
  • fabric paint embroidery floss
  • and button craft thread

Q&A with pattiebelle

Sunne Meyer asked:
Great dot pattern! Looks easy to wear. Nice work! Fun to do the "practice" pieces, feels free-er...
pattiebelle answered:
It is amazing how rugged these hand made things are. I am pleased with the pattern (thank you!) and will use it for other things, but I don't think it is right for the coat...
emilylowrey asked:
I'm so happy you shared this. I've been hesitant to take on dots because they seem the hardest to me to get even, even though I'm an experienced quilter. Your garment is beautiful. Might be dot time for me. Thanks for the inspiration.
pattiebelle answered:
I have a serious thing for dots... I will be making more dotted things... BUT I think I have finally landed on the stencil I will use for the eventual coat - the poetry stencil! I think I am going to make my own, however - using my typography and design skills and using a poem from Rumi...
Moushka asked:
Fabulous! I'm working on a corset top for DD right now but it's only a single layer. How did you find the sizing?
pattiebelle answered:
I cut out the large, but I think I made my seams a bit too wide and then add on the double layer and felled stiches and it is really a medium now. I am going to make another in a single layer, unembellished and in a light weight jersey and see how the sizing comes out on that before I make more emebellished tops. I will take a picture of this one on my body when I have a chance!
Moushka asked:
Thanks, pattibelle. i'm really enjoying stitching on this one; it's very relaxing. I don't think Natalie mentioned anything about pressing the seams before we fell them. I'm concerned about stretching out the edges. I haven't sewn much with knits. What do you think?
pattiebelle answered:
I did not press the seams on mine, but I thought I heard Natalie make reference to pressing seams at some point - I guess it really depends on the garment, as well.
Moushka asked:
@pattiebelle, thanks for your your reply. I'll probably press on low heat. Too many years of "press as you sew" for me to change now :)
pattiebelle answered:
It has been 30 years since I have sewn much of anything, so I am starting all over again. Lots of trial and error. :)

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