AC Corset #2

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Using recycled t-shirts and improving in the sewing techniques

What you will need

  • My families old t-shirts and some 100% cotton jersey (lightweight)

Q&A with pattiebelle

Moushka asked:
Super cute! I haven't had time to sew in the past six weeks and it's making me grumpy :) Promised myself to do some stitching this weekend.
pattiebelle answered:
Thank you - it is so much fun to wear. I also get grumpy when I don't get to make things and the past three weeks have been too hectic. I gotta finish my Rumi stencil so I can be stitching this weekend!
amyrt asked:
This is fabulous and I only just found it, even though I check this site almost every day; really nice work. I like how you did the patchwork and made it reversible~
pattiebelle answered:
Thank you! It is so fun to wear. I wore it on a retreat with Freshmen college students and one of them cam up to me and said I really like your outfit. I'm with college students everyday - none of them have EVER said that before. ;) I meant to put it in our Craftsy class section, but somehow did not...
sibel_ala4257322 asked:
how can I get the pattern? I could not find it in pattern pages.
pattiebelle answered:
It is in one of the Alabama Chanin books - I think the first one. My local library had it - but in the end, you will want your own copy!