AC Cap Sleeve -Shirt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Probably *not* accidentally cutting a hole in the bottom layer! Someone said on another project that the top layer needs to be cut away in small sections and that is certainly the case, there a hundreds of tiny bits of AC cotton jersey all over my sewing room. Cutting away the non-stenciled fabric was by far the the biggest challenge. If you're thinking about getting a pair of good sewing scissors I recommend Kai micro-serrated shears. Kai is a Japanese brand that makes very high quality high carbon stainless steel scissors with great action and incredible control. Natalie uses a traditional pair of Gingher shears which I also have) but for work like this my Kai scissors are much more comfortable to use. What advice would you give someone starting this project? For me my first idea is often not my best one, I need to mock things up and consider them before I execute. Plan your project and take your time. Enjoy the journey.

What you will need

  • Alabama Chanin Organic Cotton jersey in Navy Blue. Grey Button Craft Thread and Dark Grey AC chop beads
  • bugles beads and sequins. Paisley stencil

Q&A with CoudreMode

callievel asked:
so elegant. i can't tell - is this reverse applique, or negative reverse applique?
CoudreMode answered:
It's negative reverse applique. The kits comes with a two front pieces, once in the regular color and the other stenciled and there is really no limitation on what embellishment technique could be used. The beading is on top of the of the applique pieces. I found the cutting away the top layer to be the hardest part lol
callievel asked:
gorgeous! the neck trim is beautiful, and so neatly done.
CoudreMode answered:
Well I don't get any credit for that lol the beads themselves kind of "size" the cretan stitch. I used 5 beads per "leg"
Meg McKinney asked:
Is the pattern for the AC Sleeve Shirt in one of the AC books? Or, did you use a commercial sewing pattern? This looks lovely. Nice work.
CoudreMode answered:
Yes it's the same, even though this is an AC kit. I did lay the cut pieces over the t-shirt pattern from the book and they're identical. Also I made a large, in RTW and patterns I'm a medium but AC sizing runs a tad small but is sized true to the measurement charts.