A bag for a friend

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I have made bags before but I think that this one is the best one I have made so far. I really like the effect that the shiny green fabric has on the outside of the bag and that I chose to use a print fabric for the lining of the zipper pockets in the lining. It just adds an extra surprise when you open the bag. I have also tried some new things, like adding a bag bottom, bag feet and a pocket that separates the lining. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to use your seamripper if you are not fully satisfied with what you did. I took out some things and was much happier with my second attempt. Make the flaps for your recessed zipper at least as long as the base of the bag, I made mine a little bit shorter but when I had assembled everything I wished I had made them just a little bit longer.

What you will need

  • Fabrics: - black canvas for exterior -green shiny satiny like fabric for exterior
  • lining and lining of exterior pocket (it is quite sturdy fabric though
  • the back of the fabric isn't shiny so I am not really sure what it is made of) -black quilting cotton for lining of exterior pocket and lining of patch pocket in the lining -green print quilting cotton for lining of zipper pockets in the lining. Interfacing/interlining: I used 3 different types of fusible interfacings for this bag: -Vlieseline G785
  • woven for the exterior fabric and shoulder strap. This is a very thin interfacing and does not add a lot of body to the fabric
  • it is almost silky. -Vlieseline H250
  • non woven
  • for the canvas interlining
  • this interfacing adds a lot of body to your fabric but you do lose a bit of the fabricy feel to your fabric so I only used it for the interlining. -Woven fusible interfacing that I don't know the details of but I think it is very similar to what Brett used in the course. I used this for the green fabric part of the zipper pocket that divides the lining in two parts
  • the patch pocket and a rectangle behind the zipper in the lining pocket. Hardware: Four zippers (2x 20 cm
  • 1x 25 cm
  • 1x 40 cm)
  • two 1.5 inch D-rings
  • one 1.5 inch slider
  • four bag feet. Gridded bag bottom. I used wonder tape to install the zippers
  • this is sticky on both sides and worked absolutely wonderful. I was a bit worried initially that my needle would not appreciate the glue but I didn't have any problems with it.

Q&A with Emmely

nancyzl asked:
Lovely looking bag- great details! I love the 2 color strap & the fact that it is adjustable, that's a great idea.
Emmely answered:
Making an adjustable strap is really easy, you need 2 D-rings to attach the strap to the bag and a slider. One end of the strap is looped around the centre bar of the slider and stichted down (slider should still be able to move a bit) , the other end of the strap is then looped through one of the D-rings, then through the slider and through the other D-ring after which the strap is stichted down to secure it. Give it a try, it is a really satisfying when you have a working adjustable strap!
Brett Bara asked:
Gorgeous! I'm thrilled to see that you used so many components from class. And l love the piecing you did on the exterior! Great job :)
Emmely answered:
Thank you! I especially found the lessons on interfacing/interlining and hardware very useful. In my next bag I am definitely going to try to use some of the hardware things that you showed!
Imnotsewvanilla asked:
Beautifully done. ... I like the peekaboo of green as a result of the recessed zipper just that tad shorter. I would have thought it was on purpose, I also prefer the extended zipper with tab as to separating. Not having to fuss with fastening to close is a positive by my choice. BRAVO!
Emmely answered:
Thank you!
Bail77 asked:
love this bag ,of course green is my color.Really good job . love the inside.
Emmely answered:
Thank you!

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