2nd try at top with darts

What you will need

  • cotton lawn

Q&A with cblong03

cblong03 asked:
Thank you!
cblong03 answered:
Thank you! I have some of the fitting classes, including that one on my wish list. I'm addicted to these classes!
chinyeogw4348910 asked:
the gown has a very fine fitting.
cblong03 answered:
Thank you!
DonnaDeCourcy asked:
I'm wondering if you need a little more room at the apex of your bust. There are different ways to get a full bust adjustment. You can google Full bust Adjustment and there is a very good class with Kathleen Cheetam that will give you information on making adjustments on princess seams, giving more room above and below the apex as well as changing where the darts go. You have sewn a lovely blouse, and it is disappointing when you go to all that work, but it feels a little tight in the bust, and arm hole. Good luck! I, too have to do adjustments in this area, but I loved sewing with Pam Howard's class.
cblong03 answered:
Thank you for your suggestions. I'll have to look into those.