Created by: Joan Nussberger

2 inch martingale dog collar

Q&A with Joan Nussberger

balmer asked:
Is there a class with this project?......I would to learn how to make these. We have 3 rescued Grey's .
Joan Nussberger answered:
Hi! No class, but the instructions and hardware are at that is where I started 8 years ago. I do most of my collars without webbing though
t2tango4991577 asked:
Beautiful collars, I would love to know where you found that wonderful greyhound fabric or ribbon you made the collars out of? Lorie
Joan Nussberger answered:
It is a Jane Walker fabric. Just Google Jane Walker
Ms.R asked:
I love it, I need one for my afghan hound
Joan Nussberger answered:!%0AJoan

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