2 ac skirts - 7 gore

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It fits - and how great the black & grey turned out - everyone admires it and it has almost no errors. What advice would you give someone starting this project? this technique takes a long time - but it's lots of fun to do and yeilds a unique look.

What you will need

  • organic cotton jersey
  • fabric paint
  • upholstery thread

Q&A with zinc6

Emmely asked:
I love the look of your embellished skirt!
zinc6 answered:
thanks emmely
CoudreMode asked:
They both look really great and I love the coordinating colors. Also that's a great idea on the elastic, I'll have to remember that!
zinc6 answered:
Thanks coudremode
Nixxi asked:
Very nice! The embellished skirt is lovely - and I do like your elastic idea and your seam felling.
zinc6 answered:
Thanks Nixxi - hard to find the fold over elastic here and I didn't want to wait for mail order.
faux nom asked:
Thanks for letting us know about the elastic alternative. Both are great, and your herringbone stitch is impeccable!
zinc6 answered:
Thanks faux nom - when doing herringbone on rib which I have done alot lately I started counting the ribs to make it absolutely even - I find now I can sew it evenly without counting.
amyrt asked:
Really beautiful; both~ Are you an experienced hand sewer, because your stitching is so very even?
zinc6 answered:
I have done alot of hand sewing in the past but recently made alot of these AC projects that were too boring to post - alot of t shirts.