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Free Handbag Patterns

We didn't know National Handbag Day was a thing, but now that we know, we're SO glad it exists. The only appropriate way to celebrate, of course, is to make your own handbag. We've got just the thing to help you do it: free patterns to sew!

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Sewing Patterns to Carry Your Tech

Whether you are heading back to school with a new laptop or are a seasoned traveler working on the go, you can sew up a laptop bag pattern to carry all your electronic essentials.

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Sew Bags & Cases for School

Sewing your kids' school accessories — like pencil cases, book covers and other backpack essentials — certainly saves money. Even better? When I sew patterns like these for my kids, I also feel like I'm more present in my daughter's everyday life. She is so proud to say "Mom did it for me!" when asked about her fancy school accessories origin.

Free Patterns

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