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stitched up four patch

Make Magical Strip Pieced Four Patch Units

By Craftsy
Magical Strip Pieced Four Patch UnitLearn how to quickly make strip pieced four patch units with ease in this free video tip alongside Craftsy instructor Kimberly Einmo. Better yet, this process will work no matter the size of the four patches you're making. Read more »

How to Add a Zipper to a Bias Cut Seam

By Sunni Standing
Bias Zipper TutorialHave you had trouble with the bubbling that can occur from a zipper applied into a bias cut seam? If so, I'm here to show you a method to get rid of the madness. Fine-tune your zipper insertion with this step by step tutorial! Read more »

Shop Spotlight: CityCraft

By Craftsy
CityCraftGet to know more about inspirational crafting retailer, CityCraft, a Dallas based modern fabric boutique and sewing lounge. Discover why this shop is unique, what's surprising about its customers, and its plans the future. Read more »

Make Perfect Pinless Points with Ease

By Craftsy
How to make perfect pinless pointsNo matter what your patches are made up of, there's a quick and easy way to put them together without the use of pins and you'll get a perfect point in the center. Discover Kimberly Einmo's favorite technique for perfect pinless four patch points. Read more »

Sewist Diana on Giving Back to Children in Her Community

By Craftsy
Sewist Diana Gives BackWe were lucky to run into sewist Diana Klebenow. Diana gives back to her community by teaching kids and adults needing life skills how to sew. We think it's terrific and we admire her generosity, so we wanted share her story in the hopes that it also inspires you! Read more »

Fix-it Friday: Shifty Shoulder Pads

By Craftsy
Have you ever returned from the dry cleaners with your newly cleaned tailored jacket only to discover that the shoulder pads shifted and bunched up inside the lining? Join me, Sewing Category Manager here at Craftsy, to learn some tips for securely attaching shoulder pads while still giving them the right amount of mobility. Read more »
party dress green blue floral

Social Media Tips for Indie Designers & Makers, Pt 4: Instagram

By Craftsy
Instagram tips for indie designersFor the final installment of our series on Social Media Tips for Indie Designers, we'll take a look at Instagram. Similar to Pinterest, Instagram is a good opportunity to visually represent your brand, your personality, and your taste, and color those photos with descriptions that help fans and followers feel a connection to your aesthetic. Should you be on Instagram? Read more »

Protect Your iPad in Style, Sew an iPad Case

By Craftsy
iPad WristletIn celebration of the release of the Craftsy app, we went looking for some great iPad accessories. We sure had our pick of fantastic projects! These iPad covers, cases, and accessories, all sewn by our very own Craftsy members are great examples of how you can adorn (and protect) your iPad with style and creativity! Read more »