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Pepper Cory Goes to High School: Young Sewists Learn with Craftsy

By Craftsy
Young Sewists Learn with CraftsySue Way is a high school teacher who knows her students well. So when it came time for her to teach her Apparel II class, she turned to what her students love: the Internet! With the help of her friend Pepper Cory's sewing/quilting workshop at Craftsy, she's teaching these brave young sewists all about the craft! Read more »
Handmade Lingerie

Finding Your Way With Sewing Lingerie Fabrics

By Christine Haynes

The toughest aspect of sewing lingerie is dealing with the tricky fabrics that lingerie requires. Silks, lace, velvet, and all the other slippery fabrics that are most commonly used are the hardest to work with. Let's break down some of these challenges ahead.

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Petite Sewing: Achieving a Perfect Fit

By Julia Garza
Petite SewingThe term “petite” usually refers to women 5’4” and shorter. Commercial patterns are sized to fit a 5’5” woman, so it’s no surprise that women who struggle to find clothing that fits properly in clothing stores will also struggle to identify clothing patterns that fit without making adjustments. Of course, if you are petite and have trouble getting great clothing in stores, sewing for yourself is a wonderful way to add properly fitting garments to your wardrobe! Read more »

Free Pattern Friday Sewing: Free Wallet Pattern & More

By Craftsy
Free Wallet Sewing PatternLucky for you we're back this Friday with a full batch of fabulous free sewing patterns to get your weekend started right! Sewists, you're going to love the free wallet and clutch sewing patterns. Plus, there's plenty more, so grab what you like and come on back next Friday! Read more »
sewing collars

Tips for Sewing a Perfect Collar

By Christine Haynes

There’s nothing I love more than a top or dress with a collar on it. But, there’s nothing more homemade looking than a poorly sewn collar. If the curves are not smooth and the points are not crisp, the rest of the outfit, no matter how well sewn, will look homemade as a result. Here are some helpful tips on how to get your collars to look store bought perfect!

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How to Ruffle Fabric

By Julia Garza
How to Ruffle FabricRuffling fabric is a useful skill to master! You’re likely to come across it when sewing garments and it’s a technique you can use to add interest to your home decor projects. Ruffling fabric is actually very simple. In fact, it can be done in 4 easy steps! Read more »

Quilting Adventures: Stippling and Meandering

By Angela Mitchell
How to Sew LiningStippling is a way of quilting that uses long lines of stitching to create a design on a quilt. It's a fun free form way of quilting for highlighting certain parts of the quilt, or flattening the quilt when used in background areas or around designs and motifs. Today it is very common to see stippling used in another way, as an allover quilting design. Read more »

What’s Old is New Again: Sewing Vintage Patterns

By Julia Garza
Sewing Vintage PatternsSewing from vintage patterns is a fun way to expand your sewing repertoire while challenging yourself at the same time. Even if your style is more 2013 than 1953, vintage patterns are worth a look. Many have classic lines, and in a modern fabric you won’t look like an extra on Mad Men (unless you want to!). Read more »