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Top 10 Free Handbag Patterns to Sew

10 Free Handbag Patterns

Sewing totes, purses and bags is a great way to improve your sewing skills and learn new techniques (like installing hardware, topstitching, making handles and more). This collection of free purse patterns available on Craftsy includes purses of all sizes, shapes and styles to get you sewing.

Which of these free handbag patterns will you sew up first?

Swoon Ethel Tote Bag

Photo via Craftsy member Swoon Patterns

1. Swoon Ethel Tote Bag

Measuring 10″ tall and 13″ wide at its widest point, this sturdy and roomy purse is teardrop shaped. Throw it over your shoulder for a grab-and-go bag that comes with slip pockets for your necessities.

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Pretty in Plaid Purse

Photo via Craftsy member Sew Desu Ne?

2. Pretty in Plaid Purse

Do you need to destash your fabric collection? Like many free handbag patterns, this one uses 1/2 yard of fabric for the outer bag and 1/3 yard for the lining. With a lace pocket detail, inset zipper and metal hardware, this purse will make a great everyday bag.

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Happy Handbag

Photo via Craftsy member 100BillionStars

3. Happy Handbag

Do you have some fabric in your stash that is your all-time favorite, and you can’t bear to cut into it? The happy handbag pattern is the perfect use for that yardage, because you’ll get to look at it every day when you carry this structured bag with simple lines, one interior pocket and a magnetic snap closure.

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Ruffled and Ready Bag

Photo via Craftsy member So Sew Easy

4. Ruffled and Ready Bag

No zippers, no closures! This is a great first handbag to sew, and comes with an easy-to-use metal purse frame. This free handbag pattern makes a great elegant, night-out bag that’s 8.5″ tall and wide.

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Lyra Bag

Photo via Craftsy member Cloudsplitter Bags and Designs

5. Lyra Bag

With a sleek, curved bag design, the petite Lyra bag has a decorative front flap with twist-lock closure, plus more useful pockets inside. Thirty pages of step-by-step photo instructions make this easy to sew and even easier to add your own personal touch!

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Extend A Handbag

Photo via Craftsy member NorthernGirl

6. Extend-A-Handbag

Who needs an extra-large shopping bag? Turn this simple handbag into a longer shopping tote with this clever pattern. The straps are sized perfectly to hold in your hand or throw over your shoulder.

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Sunday My Way Lifes Versa Bag

Photo via Craftsy member RLR Creations

7. Sunday ‘My Way’ Bag

Advanced beginners and intermediate sewers will enjoy this cute handbag pattern with a slip pocket, wide-mouth opening and cute carrying straps. Make it your own when you add piping, zipper pockets and other personalized details. The finished handbag measures 12″ wide by 6″ tall and 4 1/2″ deep.

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Arabesque Bag

Photo via Craftsy member Sew Sweetness

8. Arabesque Bag

Looking for beginner-friendly, free handbag patterns? This one uses fun fabrics and optional decorative ribbons and trims. Learn to sew a zippered top closure, two inner pockets and simple bottom gussets for depth.

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Carolina Breeze Bag

Photo via Craftsy member Grits & Giggles

9. Carolina Breeze Bag

This mid-sized carry-all handbag features pleated sides, a pretty fabric bow and interior pockets to organize your things. Use the printable pattern pieces and color photo instructions to sew a 13″ tall by 16″ wide bag. The strap length is adjustable from a long shoulder strap to a short handbag size.

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Ariel Style Hand Bag_

Photo via Craftsy member HomeSpun-Threads

10. Ariel Style Hand Bag

Sew up a cute handbag with a rounded shape that makes a great gift for yourself or others! Learn to add a simple closure with metal bag hardware and add structure to your bag with a bottom gusset.

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Debbie Carpenter

Thanks for all the purse patterns!!! They are all beautiful!!! I’m going to be making some of them SOON!!!!??????


Thanks – these are great!!

itchy hands

thank you thank you thank you ! Loooove bag patterns, and love making them up – it’s the greatest way to create unique products from Scraps!! And they turn out fabulous!!

Darlene Payne

Love the purse patterns. Can’t wait to get started.


Great list of bag patterns! Thx


Lovely blog. I liked SUNDAY ‘MY WAY’ BAG as its very lovely and very attractive.Thanks for sharing.


It’s so nice for you to put these patterns together for us – however, I have yet to find a paid or free pattern that has enough interior pockets, interior pockets placed towards the bottom for heavy items like purses, phones, notebooks, keys, and not too many exterior pockets that can easily be stolen from.

So many patterns have one zip or pouch pocket, and always placed so high in the bag that the shape is distorted when heavier items are put there – seeing as many small items are quite heavy these days, especially in combination, most bags end up being the opposite of practical.

I haven’t had a good handbag since about 1985 – on to the drawing board to draft my own! It’s so many years since all we carried were feminine hygiene products, a library card, a lipstick and powder and keys and purse – there is a lot more to life in the modern age!
Commercial bags are next thing to useless – which is why there are so many lovely patterns! But the patterns follow commercial types too closely – time to re-think the handbag!

I love to make my own as a slightly ambidextrous right hander, I put my handbag over my right shoulder – if someone else makes the bags, all the zips go the wrong way, and I’m paranoid about stray hands thieving, as I can’t keep an eye on it behind me – especially in a crowded, noisy area.

I think we all need to focus on practicality a lot more… as someone with various ailments, I also need to take medications, dose measures etc etc. This means pockets lower in the bag so you aren’t destroying it by having heavy items in the mid height dragging the bag out of kilter. It also means straps that go all the way under and up the other side,the base part of these being hidden by an exterior base part. Otherwise the bag lasts about three months use, instead of three years, like it should!
These are such lovely bags – don’t be frightened to modify them to make them more practical!


Gloria, I really like your thoughts on updated bag design. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the pockets-not-low-enough-for-heavy-items! Please come back and post if you design a pattern. 🙂 I want all my pockets arranged so I know where everything is without looking or fumbling. I’m thinking about trying an elastic band to slip some items into. Have you tried that? I hope you make a pattern! Good luck!


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